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Host Element Selector in Angular for CSS Styling

  Well, our application is just about complete, but if we go back and look at our original mock up, notice how the mockup shows all of our different cards spanning from left to right inside of our application, they're going vertically in this video. I just want to add in a little bit of custom CSSs to make sure that these cards span left to right now in order to do this, are going to have to understand a little bit more about how angular handles css. In particular, we need to understand one real small corner case that you really need to be aware of. To help you understand how to style the stuff, I'm going to first just show you directly what access rules are going to apply to which element inside the browser. Once we understand what we're going to apply and which element we're going to apply it to, will then go back over to our editor and we'll figure out how to essentially translate the css into the angular  world. OK, so I'm going to right. Click anywhere on t
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Spring Cloud API Gateway

Section 1:  In the following video lessons, he will learn how to use spring cloud gateway to aroud incoming requests to destination Ceressus. When my services start up, they register themselves with Eureka Discovery Service, Eureka becomes aware of each of your micro series and their address. And when we need to scale up, we can start 10 more micro services and each of them will register with Eureka Discovery Service automatically and Eureka will know their addresses as well. When we start more instances of users make a service, for example, each instance of users, my customers will have a unique address and requests from a client application now will need to be balanced between available instances of users microspheres. So now, when we have multiple instances of users who is running and each service has its unique address on the network, we need a way to rout incoming requests from a client application to one of these instances. And to do that we can use sprinklered, API Gateway, Spri