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Android & iOS Application Development For Dummies

App Development Process

App Development Process explained in the most simplified way

This tutorial will guide all the beginners how an app is developed from scratch and will help in letting the beginners know how the process works.

Phase-1 (Conceptualization): Even a concept or an idea starts with an approach to introduce something after acknowledging the inkling of amiss or what's missing in the existing market. Developing the aftermath ideas involves critical questioning and rational thinking towards the wire-framing stage.
Phase-2 (Design): After analyzing the idea thoroughly and looking through all possible dimensions, comes the design part, where a feasible layout of the model is planned to move ahead for the further development processes.
Phase-3 (Coding): Development process begins with designing a user-friendly UI. Prototypes of the model are prepared with the combined agreement of developers and designers to increase the efficiency and capitalization. The expedience checking remains the top priority of the development team.
Phase-4 (Integration): Although there is always a scope of integration phase in the development process, it is primarily used after the initial development of the app along with some analytics tool to keep an eye on the progress rate.
Phase-5 (Beta Testing): The apps after development faces even bigger challenges like real-time bugs, lags in working conditions, etc. while examined by the beta testers. The testing phase enhances the app functionality and other major parameters to boost up the performance.
Phase-6 (Deployment): An app is launched only after completely analyzing and rigorously checking each and every aspect in detail. After which, the app is deployed to an ascendable production environment or you can say the app is deployed to the app stores.
Phase-7 (Maintenance and Technical Assistance): Improving, maintaining and sustaining the app features is even a more critical job than developing. It involves consistent monitoring of the app through back-end processes by providing necessary updates to it.


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