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How To Setup An E-Commerce Business

                                          E-Commerce Web
Today E-commerce is a biggest online market and starting a business in E-Commerce market is hard work and to make it successful is the biggest task of starting the business. So there are some points listed below for making a business successful.
•    Thinking of idea for any product for your website ie. To which category your website will be related.
•    Finding a suitable product according to that category.
•    Search the competitors in the market.
•    Set up your business.
•    Preparing to launch.
•    Post Launch
•    Conclusion
Thinking of an idea for any product for your website ie. To which category your website will be related-
For starting a business first you should have a plan means what your website will hold for eg. shopping business, job portal business and many more. If you know what your business will hold or will provide in the market it will be easy to move to next part.
Finding a suitable product according to that category-
 Now that you have known that what you are going to sell products can be easily identified according to it. But it is also a big task that what products should be on your site as they should be up to date and on the latest trend. To find the latest products it can be searched on Google or any other search engine so that we can compare and check through which keyword the product is most searched. There are some points listed below to find what should be sold on your site-
•    Identify Customer’s Poor remark for a product.
•    Utilize your Experience.
•    Don’t forget to look at trends.
1. Identify Customer’s Poor remark for the product-
Solving the customer’s issue is the biggest achievement for any business as mainly they are selling for the customer and if the customer is not happy with the product that there are chances that your business can fail. So to identify customer dissatisfaction with any product the best option is to analyze other sites that are relatable to your site and analyze the reviews for the products that customer has provided.
2. Utilize Your Experience-
If you’re an experienced person starting a new startup or any business than it is a good way to enter into the market as the person has the experience of the market or the skills used to develop the business. For eg. Suppose a person has worked in any company for 1-2 years so the person has skills and experience and now he/she wants to start its own business than with the help of those skills and experience it can be a better way to start a business.
3. Don’t forget to look at trends-
The most important part of finding or selling any product is to be up to date. If a person is starting its own business and is new to the market and is not known to latest trends that are being used in the market than there are most chances to fail in the market. As there are many competitors around you in the market which are already big in the market and are known to latest trends.
Search the competitors in the market-
After finalizing the products on your site, the main task is to search the competitors around you so that an idea can occur how many competitors are in that particular field and who is on the first, second and third rank of competition. Now there is a thought that why you should research your competitor and why is it necessary? Analyzing your competitor makes it easy as you have an idea that
1. What type of services are they using?
2. What is the price list they are providing on their site?
3. Who is the toughest competitor in the market?
Set up your business-
After analyzing and researching the market now the main task is to launch your business in the market. There are chances that your business can be successful or can fail. But before launching your business in the market first there should be a name for the business as it is also an important task to name the site and 40-50% chances of getting successful is based on the name. To name your business you should follow some guidelines listed below-
1. The name should be short and simple.
2. It should be different from another site name ie. No common name should be there for any site.
3. The name should be unique.
4. The name should contain a valid domain name like .com.
After setting the name there is another task which should be fulfilled ie. creating a logo for your site. A logo is very important as the name for any site. It is very important to follow some guidelines before creating a logo which is listed below-
1. The logo should be simple and unique.
2. The logo should be operated on any gadget ie. If the user is using mobile then logo should be visible to user clearly.
3. The logo should specify your site work ie it should not be unrelatable to the site.
Preparing to Launch-
After setting your business when you prepare to launch there is one main point that should be considered “SHIPPING PART”.
When we launch any site the main part is what type of shipping is being provided to the customer and is there any discount or any promo code at the time of shipping. There are some points which should consider related to this which are listed below-
1. The site should provide free shipping as it attracts many customers and there are chances that your site can increase in the market. You can offer free shipping through some amount of order or number of items purchasing.
2. If there is some discount or any other flat rates for given product then chances are that customers will view the site and there will be a great increase of your site. You should provide a discount on that item which other sites are not providing as it attracts customers as they want the product in less amount.
Post Launch-
After launching site, the biggest task is to make your way in the market or to maintain in the market. So for that, you can provide a big sale through your site and can also give advertisements through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc so that user can know about your site. You can also advertise your site through sending email to some random user.


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