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How To Enable GZIP Compression In Tomcat Server At AWS EC2 Instance

1.Before enable gzip compression there is no content-encoding : gzip in Response Header.      How to see response header?Firstly, inspect your project in browser . For inspect right click and then select a option inspect. Then your screen will look likes

2. Connect EC2 instance through any SSH tool like Putty  Putty is login as ec2-user.Now go to tomcat installed directory by entering command given /usr/share/tomcat8/confList down all the files under this directory by entering commandlsOpen server.xml file in edit mode by entering command sudo vi server.xml

Then you will see a screen like this.

You have  to search for a tag <Service name="Catalina">
Under <Service name="Catalina"> this tag you have to search for a tag like given below and make all changes under this tag.

See the highlighted part and make all changes.
             <Connector port="8080" protocol="HTTP/1.1"                connectionTimeout="20000" compre…