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How to create an IAM user and S3 bucket and upload images to that bucket

How we began

You have to follow some steps if you want to upload images on S3 bucket. All steps are given below. I  will also give a detail description about these points which surely helps you to upload images on s3 bucket.
1.       Create your AWS account.
2.       Log in
3.       Create an IAM user.
4.       Create a bucket and etc

       How to create an IAM user:
  1.     . Search for an IAM user and open it.
      2. Click on users.
       3. Now you have to click on Add User.

       4.   Give user name and give programmatic access to user and click on next.

              5.       Give access to users. I give only two excess to user.
1.       AmazonS3FullAccess
2.       Amazonec2FullAccess

             6.      Click next and then create user. When we click on create user then it will give secret key and              access key of user. Through these keys we will access our bucket. Download these                                credentials   by clicking of download.csv.
     How to create an S3 Bucket:
  • Search for S3 bucket and then click it.
  • Now you have to click on create button option.

  •   Now you have to give a unique name to bucket and select a region.
  • Click on next button and then enter key and value and then click on next.

  • After that give public access and then next and then create bucket.

CloudFront Distributions:

  • Go to CloudFront Distributions and click  on create distributions.
  • Click on Get Started button.
  •             Give origin domain name(name of bucket) and enter alternate domain names(cnames)
    And then click on create distribution.

         In this you have to click on Request or Import a Certificate  with ACM:-
         Then by default it will generate certificate in N. virginea Region don’t change it. Create it and              then set record set in Route 53.
  •            Wait for few minutes until status becomes deployed and then copy domain name and save it.
  •          Now go to search window and search for Route 53 and click on that.

  •           Click on hosted zones.
  •           Click on create record set and then enter name and value. Here we enter that value which we copied in cloud front(domain name) and then click on create button.

        How to add bucket policy:

  •       Go to s3 àbucket àpermissionsàbucket policyàcopy ARNàpolicy generator

  •         Follow instructions given below
  •        After click on add statement click on generate policy.

  •          After clicking on generate policy it will give some content copy it.

How to code in java for uploading multiple images in S3 bucket:

  •           Download aws java sdk and copy all jar files inside it and add these jar files into our project.

  •         Make properties file. Name put your access key and secret key here.

  •        Make jsp page index.jsp and output.jsp.

  •         Inside web.xml file.

  •           Create a package controllers inside source package and inside that package make a servlet name

  •           Create one utility java class .


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