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how to install ssl certificate on tomcat at aws ec2 instance

Stpes to Install SSL Certificate at tomcat in aws ec2 instance 1) Generate CSR 2) Purchase Your SSL Certificate 3) Activate your SSL Certificate.     1) Download Certificate File     2) Convert into required formate 4)    Create Elastic Load Balancer. 1) Generate CSR Before we go ahead we should have aws account and we have a ready tomcat in ec2 instance should should is running inside it. Connect your EC2 instnace through putty or terminal in mac. by entering following command in terminal (MacOs) Last login: Wed Apr   3 08:14:13 on console Mukeshs-MacBook-Air:~ mukeshchoudhary$ sudo ssh -i Desktop/AWS-2019/touristvisaonine2019.pem Password: Last login: Sat Mar 30 12:44:15 2019 from        __|   __|_   )        _|   (     /   Amazon Linux AMI       ___|\___|___| 13 package(s) needed for security, out of 20