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How we can redirect non-www traffic to www domain from Route 53?

We can simply done this by the help of an s3 bucket. You must have privilege to create s3 bucket and Route 53 edit access. Here I am explaining the steps with some screensshots. Please see the steps pasted below: Step 1. Create an s3 bucket. This is the first step. You need to create an s3 bucket with the domain name which you want to redirect to www. To create s3 bucket, log onto  AWS console , services -> Amazon S3 -> Create bucket -> Create a bucket with non www domain nam e or vice version if we want to redirect from www to non www. Step 2. Make the bucket as a Static website hosting with redirect. For this, go to bucket properties, choose Static website hosting with redirect requests. Add the www redirect there and save it. That’s it. If we want to redirect from www to non www then we have to enter target domain as  Step 3. Edit AWS Route 53 entry for non www domain. Go to AWS Route 53, select hosted domain, select the zone entry. From the right