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how to share your existing project to AWS code commit.

Step 1: First Create a Local Repository in Eclipse by Opening Git Repositories Tabs or Perspective Right Click on Step 2: Go to AWS Codecommit and create a folder or repository there and clone https URL from there. Now Past this URL in step first. While pasting it will ask for username and password for that you need to create a IAM user and need to assign a role to user and then you have to create creational for him. Now you local repos and remote repo is ready. Step 3: Now go to your project and right-click and in team section click on Share Project > Git > Next >. Choose Your Repository from Local Machine. > Finish. Step 4: Now right-click on Project > Team> Add to Index. Step 5 : Now right-click on Project > Team > Commit > Choose files and Click on Commit and Push.

How do I allow access to an Amazon S3 bucket only from a CloudFront distribution?

Step 1: Frist login into your account and create a bucket in s3 like Step 2 : Go to CloudFront Service Amazon CloudFront Getting Started Either your search returned no results, or you do not have any distributions. Click the button below to create a new CloudFront distribution. A distribution allows you to distribute content using a worldwide network of edge locations that provide low latency and high data transfer speeds ( learn more ) Create Distribution Now click on Create Distribution and you have to choose Web Distribution from Below Select a delivery method for your content. Web Create a web distribution if you want to: Speed up distribution of static and dynamic content, for example, .html, .css, .php, and graphics files. Distribute media files using HTTP or HTTPS. Add, update, or delete objects, and submit data from web forms. Use live streaming to stream an event in real time. You store your files in an origin - either an A


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