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how to redirect http request to https in application load balancer at aws

Why we want to do this - Means redirection of HTTP to https or non-www version to https://www version.  It's really helpful for SEO and the search engine has only one copy of your website. Otherwise, what happen Google/other search engine bots treat your website as a different website. So I am assuming that you have already had an AWS account and you have a running instance in it and your website already configured on Route 53 if not then you do it by yourself if you have any questions then you can write in the comment box.  Steps for Redirection of an HTTP request to HTTPS in Application Load Balancer at AWS Create an SSL certificate or use your own certificate in Certificate manager/IAM (it is required for application load balancer) Create an application load balancer  Configure security group (skips if its already open) Configure port 80 to redirection to 443  Set new DNS to your Route 53  First log in to AWS Account and Go to EC2 Instance and > Load Balancer Click on Create